I’m ready! Let’s Go!

We recently had a really nice day outside (even though its spring, few days are both warm and sunny) so mom took me outside. But I really wanted to run up to Wendy’s for a burger (which I love).051216b


But mom said “NO!” Can you believe it? She said ‘no’ to me? She never says ‘no’! She said she’s off fast food for a while (she actually means forever but we all know humans are not good at doing stuff that is good for them!). I said Purrrr-eeease????051216a


Ohhhhkayyyyyy. I suppose I’ll just have to satisfy myself with a stroll around the yard! But I really could’ve gone for that burger!!051216c


We’re purring and praying for CJ’s family – she crossed the Bridge yesterday. CJ went through so much in her life and she is now forever free of pain and sorrow. Please click on the badge below if you want to send condolences to her family.

CJ Forever BADGE


Fiona had GREAT news on her recent check-up!! Yay!  Keep those purrs and prayers flowing. Click on her badge to read more about her check-up!

Purrs and Prayers for FIONA


We’re blog-hopping today!!



And finally, we’re looking forward to Friday-Fill-in’s  with 15 and Meowing and McGuffy’s Reader!  Click on the badge to see what the fill-in’s are so you can prepare your posts!!