Friday Fill-In’s!!

It’s Friday the 13th but don’t be a-feared! It’s Friday Fill-in Day and because mom doesn’t know how to take good photos, we’re joining a new blooper blog hop!!!0513b


McGuffy’s Reader and 15andMeowing are sponsoring the Friendly Friday-Fill-in’s! My answers are in blue!

1.-I want to stop MaryBelle hiding from mom and start being friendlier

2.-I haven’t been outside in  three days – that’s like forever!

3.-I believe I am the most handsomest cat in the world and Penny is the most beautiful girlfriend in the universe

4.-My earliest memory is playing with my blue sparkle ball and my mom throwing it over and over and over and over and over ad nauseam!0513c




And now the Bloopers sponsored by The Lazy Pit Bull’s Pet Blogger Blooper Round-Up!0513a042

The first would have been a great one for showing off my sharp teeth – if it had been in focus! And the second one – I don’t even know what happened here!



Rainbow Bridge crossing

ChaseJeff 1 Valiant K9 Hero, Chase, has crossed the Rainbow Bridge. Please go HERE to leave your condolences.








0513dHave a great weekend!!!!