Are you ready to do the Chicken Dance??

Yippee!! Today is National Dance Like a Chicken Day!!!


No! not like this chicken!!!chicken dance


Like this chicken ME! – You know – it’s the silly dance you humans do at weddings!!051416a


If you don’t know how, here some instructions!chicken_dance_illustration


I don’t have the fancy blog site so I can’t embed a video but I can give you a link to a YouTube video that will show you how!!


Simon wasn’t happy that I didn’t even mention him yesterday on Friday 13th, black cats being bad good luck and all. So I made up for it by showing him here with Joanie as she paints a wall. He’s under the ladder to show that superstitions about black cats (and ladders and Friday the 13th) are silly. Careful with that paint, Joanie!!



We’re Blog Hopping Today!!


CaturdayArt1BlogHopButton150x150_zpsbe54d2dc Athena’s Caturday Art!

cbBadgeBlack300x300Ā  Cat Blogosphere!!

New Pet Parade button 200x200 Pet Parade !!!

See you tomorrow with Sunday Selfie Blog Hop where I can promise selfies of Simon, BobbieSue,and Jack (in kitty jail!). If I can find MerryBelle I’ll try to get a picture of her, too!Ā  Have a great Saturday!012

28 thoughts on “Are you ready to do the Chicken Dance??

  1. I’m pretty sure at my age I couldn’t pawsibly do the chicken dance as my old bones and muscles wouldn’t cooperate BUT I do love watching peeps do it. Oh – and that rooster guy – he’s got it DOWN! One thing I CAN do like a chicken though is peck at the ground (if there’s treats there!).

    Love, Sammy

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    • It’s okay, Sammy, if you can’t do the Chicken Dance. Simon can’t either. He’s kinda up there in age (I’d call him decrepit but mom wouldn’t like it.) You can sit on the sidelines and laugh at all the silly ones doing it.


  2. Aaaaw Toby what a great message. We’re not supersticious either and think all dat stuff is silly. Great fotos. Now what’s this ’bout a special blog and addin’ videos? You don’t need anythin’ special to add a video from youtube.

    Luv ya’


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  3. You are so fun Toby! I love the photo of Joanie and Simon. I wish she would paint here. šŸ™‚ I have neer done the chicken dance, I have seen it done at weddings, but I am too shy to join in.

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  5. It could be bad luck to be under a ladder while Joanie is painting!
    I’m visiting from the Pet Parade. Nice to meet you.
    Maggie, Mickey Mouser, and Rufus the Red at Shelter-Cats


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