Straw Hat Selfie Day!!

How nice to combine Straw Hat Day with Sunday Selfies! However, since I was forced volunteered to be a chicken yesterday I absolutely refused to wear a straw hat today – even if it is only virtual!! Besides, how else can my sweetheart, Penny, enjoy all my yummy handsomeness with a sombrero on!!051516a


Simon wanted to look extra special for Joanie so he’s wearing a bow tie, too!051516b


BobbieSue picked out a pretty blue straw hat to look pretty for Millie.051516c


Poor Jack – at least he thinks he’s “Poor Jack.” He’s still getting used to being an indoor only cat and his selfie shows him in what he calls “kitty jail.”  Actually its pretty nice – on pleasant days he gets to stay in an enclosed porch right next to the canal where he lives. We’re glad he’s an indoor only cat – there’s all sorts of trouble he could get into living next to a canal – the least of which is falling in!!!051516d

Thanks to Miss Ann of Zooaltry for the cool badge!!Straw Hat Day 5.15.2016


We’re blog-hopping again! Come join us!!

Cat4-001-300x300 Sunday Selfies

cb-blog-links-isis-Straw-Hat-Day-5.15.2016 Cat Blogosphere



20 thoughts on “Straw Hat Selfie Day!!

  1. You all look wonderful! Millie loves BobbieSue’s hat and Joanie thinks SImon looks very dapper. Penny sends you a kiss Toby. And we are glad Jack is in.


  2. Toby, you were right not to hide your handsomeness. Bobbie Sue however is looking quite fetching in her chapeau. We are so happy that Jack is now an inside cat where he will be safe. He sure is a handsome fellow as well. Thanks for being friends and hoppers. XOCK, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo


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