Simon Says …

0516aI am grabbing the blog away from Toby this morning to let the world know that no matter what the ornery orange cat says I am a nice cat.

He’s always talking about how we fight over the lap drawer but we really don’t fight all that much over it. And usually I’m there first and he comes in an muscles his way in. But that’s okay. Like I said, I’m a nice cat.



0516b Most of the time I sleep someplace else near mom but Toby is attached to Mom with a short apron-string. That’s not a criticism, just the truth. I spent my first year on the mean streets before being rescued so while I love being around mom, I am not happy being held by her. Toby, on the other hand, has been held by humans since the day he was born. That kind of thing makes a difference in the formative months in kittens. 

0516cSo, the next time Toby fusses about me, just remember I love that little whippersnapper, even if he is a little annoying at times – alright, most of the time!!