Thoughtful Tuesday

Can you imagine what we are thinking in these photos?0517b0517c0517d

Here’s a blurry photo of MerryBelle. We are working on getting a better one!!0517a


We want to send our Best wishes to newlyweds Nellie and Merlin Wilde!!nellie and merlin

We hope you have a wonderful Tuesday!!!

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10 thoughts on “Thoughtful Tuesday

  1. I imagine you’re having PRIVATE thoughts in those photos so I won’t try to figure out what they might be! We are very happy for Mr. and Mrs. Wilde too – Merlin and Nellie make the purrrrrrfect couple!

    Hugs, Sammy


  2. Mes KNOWS yous was thinking that Nellie better gets over here quick and cuts that cake so wes can has some!!!
    Thanks yous!!!
    How did yous knows that Liver Pate is my favorite!!!
    Sending yous many kisses and thanks
    Your Nellie Bellie


  3. That is a nice card for the newlyweds. I bet you are thinking of Joanie, Penny and Millie. And maybe
    Merrybelle is thinking of Brody. 🙂


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