Just Chillin’ in the Mornin’

It’s been raining again so no outside time. Mom’s on vaca next week so I’m hoping to be able to spend some time in the grass and sun!!0518c


Simon’s just chillin’ in the lap drawer so I thought I’d give him a break this morning.0518b


BobbieSue’s dreamin’ of Millie. You see that smile on her face? That’s a tell-tail sign!!0518a

Yippee!!! We got the Greenie on Sammy’s Geography Teaser!! Maybe next time we’ll be more successful!!


We’re wishing Happy Birthday to Anna of ThreeCatYard. Go HERE to send your best wishes!!!

anna hb


10th-birthday-party-clip-art-Party-clip-art-23Would anybody be interested in joining a Happy Birthday/Gotcha Day list? We love sending cards to our friends but we aren’t always successful because of time constraints. Does anyone have a list already started? If not, we would be happy to start, update and post a list for all to use!! Let us know if you’re interested – either in comments or by emailing mom! We’ll start keeping better track and create a special page for the Happy Days!!!


cbBadgeBlack300x300 Go HERE for blog fun!!


7 thoughts on “Just Chillin’ in the Mornin’

  1. Sorry you got THE GREENIE this week on the Teaser but some of my friends have HUGE collections of Greenies so you’d better start saving yours up! Thanks for playing along though – isn’t it fun? As for a list of birthdays and gotchas, I’m not sure if anyone has a whole list – there are so many of us here in the blogosphere it would be a BIG PROJECT…..mostly I think we all just “feel our way” when it comes to those special occasions with our friends.

    Hugs, Professor Sammy (hahaha)


  2. We always get the Greenie, I bet he could show a photo of my backyard and I wouldn’t know it. How sweet of you to celebrate birthdays, you are all such sweeties. XO


  3. Well Toby dat’s a mouthful huh? Furst let me say you all look gawjus. And second, we’s got rain too. Where’s da sun ya reckon? And third, is your mommy havin’ a stay-cay fur her vaycay? And furinally, da list sounds pawsum. Are you pawrt of da Cats with blogs facebook page? Ifin so, there’s a list in da documents dat has blogger names and birthdays and links. Altho’ we don’t know how up to date it is, but it might be a start. Let me know ifin yous not a member and we’ll get ya’ in.

    Luv ya’



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