Strawberries with cream, please!

red-delicious-strawberry-hiFor Caturday Art BobbieSue and I are celebrating National Strawberries and Cream Day with our True Loves!!  (We didn’t include Simon because he and Joanie recently painted a wall together.) We’re also blog hopping as usual so enjoy some strawberries and cream, and hop around the blogosphere today!!

strawberries and cream day penny tobystrawberry_PNG89

strawberries and cream day millie bobbiesue



CaturdayArt1BlogHopButton150x150_zpsbe54d2dc  Caturday Art with Athena

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13 thoughts on “Strawberries with cream, please!

  1. Strawberries and cream are so good, they deserve a special day. You all look so cute together. Joanie is the real cream lover in the family, I always share with her. Jinx loves it too. XO


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