Who’s the Lucky One?

It’s Lucky Penny Day!!national-lucky-penny-day-may-23

Pennies are ubiquitous in our world. penny

There are penny loafers – penny loafer

Penny Jars –penny jar

Poems about pennies –penny from heaven

Penny-farthings –penny_farthing_bike_grand_bi-1969px

And even the beautiful Penny Lane rose – penny_lane rose

But there are no pennies more beautiful and more special to me than my Penny.lucky penny

Happy Lucky Penny Day, my own sweet Penny. I’m the lucky one to have a Lady-Love so sweet and true as you!


Also Best Wishes to Penny and her family for their Blogoversary!!happy blogoversary!




23 thoughts on “Who’s the Lucky One?

  1. I’ve always liked the rhyme ‘See a penny, pick it up, all day long you’ll have good luck’. It goes through my head every time I see a penny on the floor. πŸ™‚ Happy Lucky Penny Day!


  2. Penny is the lucky one to have such a romantic boyfriend- and extra handsome too. Thank you so much for the Blogoversary wishes. And I love that little poem, I always pick up pennies when I see them.XO and love to you all.And extra paw kisses to Toby from Penny.


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