I have a question . . .

I have a question for you humans out there –022


Why do you persist in taking unbecoming photos of your magnificent cats like this? (I know my mom isn’t the only one that does it!! I’ve seen your blogs!)024


I mean, really? Mom is showing the world that I’m a mouth-breather!!!!  And this one is worse – it makes me look so undignified!!:025


It’s a good thing I love my mom – or I would be really mad!! (Of course, my true wish is to take photos of her while she’s sleeping. Talk about a mouth-breathing and drooling mess!015


Guess what? I got the Badge for “I got it right – but not first” for  Professor Sammy’s Geography Teaser!! Yippee!!! Something new to display on my blog sidebar! Thanks for the fun Prof Sammy!!


cbBadgeBlack300x300  Its a Blog Hop!!!

16 thoughts on “I have a question . . .

  1. Purrhaps for one of these Sunday Selfies, we should take photos of moms and/or staff and post those … I know that I can be speedy, so there have been a lot of blur photos. My dear brother is mostly black, so he usually looks like a shadow, which isn’t as embarrassing as a lot of other photos I’ve seen posted… BTW, do y’all need hints on how to access the photo archive and hit delete? It is most effective at eliminating embarrassing photos.

    Love, Purrseidon


  2. Congratulations on getting Sammy’s Teaser correct. We are so ashamed, it was in our state and we didn’t know the answer, Toby, you look adorable sleeping-and awake. Penny wishes she were cuddling with you.


  3. Toby, the mom was trying to get a video of me snoring! She was going to post it so everybuddy could hear me snore. Shameful! Fortunately, I stopped and woke up before she could get any good footage. ~Wally


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