Thank you Warm Weather!

For Thankful Thursday, I am thankful the weather has warmed up! Here is my latest excursion into the great outdoors!

I was busy checking out my property, picking up stray smells and all when a neighborhood cat came up from down the street to check me out. (red arrow)0526a


He (or she) settled under the neighbor’s car to watch me. I found it a little creepy.0526b


I tried to be friendly but the Stranger didn’t respond – so I turned my back on him and walked away. 0526c


I checked the other end of my property line. All was well, but Bella wasn’t home.0526d


I checked mom’s car and rubbed my scent on it to mark it as mine.0526e


You can tell I didn’t take this selfie – mom cut my head off!!!0526f


And after about an hour outside, I told mom I was hungry so we went back inside so I could eat supper. Thanks for sharing my day with me!!0526g


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