Heat Advisory and Friday Fill-ins!!!!!

First the super important stuff!!!

National-Heat-Awareness-Day-Last-Saturday-in-May-300x150Today is National Heat Awareness Day and I wanted to take a moment to remind humans to be careful of their pets in the heat! 0527a0527bYesterday when I posted photos of me outside, it was in the mid-80s. I had wanted to go outside earlier but mom said no because it was TOO HOT!!! Mom says if its too hot for her its too hot for me!! So these pictures of me are taken in the cooling part of a warm day – not during the hottest part of the day.

So if you go outside during the warm days of summer, make sure you go in the early morning before 9am or in the late afternoon, maybe after 5pm – or even later depending on the temperature!!!

To help you remember about heat and pets, I’ve included some infographics after the Friday Fill-ins!!!

Now for the FUN part!!!

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It’s Friday Fill-in Time!!!!

The questions are in black, my answers are in purple!

  1. Whatever happened to the new harness mom promised me? I’m using BobbieSue’s – and it has her girly scent all over it which I don’t like!
  2. I always stay home on Memorial Day ( or your country’s equivalent) but mom goes to granmama’s for a cookout – except when she has to work (like this year).
  3. I used to wish I could live outside, but now that I am older, I realize how fortunate/blessed I am to have a happy home indoors!
  4. I just cannot get enough treats at treat time, no matter how much mom tries to stop BobbieSue  – she still scarfs her treats down like a dawg and then butts me out of the way to eat mine! She even ignores me when I hiss at her!!!


Back to National Heat Awareness Day!!!

Don’t worry – I’m really not on fire – its just for effect!!!!0527c




Now – everybody enjoy your summer!!!!!

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