Simon Says . . .

 It’s summer time and you know what that means for us? Fleas. Ucky, nasty, itchy, mean old fleas.



Mom tried out a flea collar on me – since I’m the oldest she knew I was suffering the most so I got to be the guinea-cat. It worked but not fast enough. So she went back to the store and got the liquid flea stuff. She hates the thought of putting such a powerful chemical on us but we were suffering.0531b


Two days later we were back to normal, napping in the sun, those nasty fleas bugging us no more. (Versus dashing through the house to keep the bugs off!)0531c


One last thought – or, question, can anyone explain why flea medicine has to be so expensive? There must be hundreds of thousands of tubes sold each year and yet the companies charge so much money????? Are they interested in profits or our health?  Alright, I’m done ranting. I’m going to finish my nap!!0531d


angel_01Purrs and prayers to the families of Louie and Jolly who left them for the Rainbow Bridge. Please click on the badge to offer condolences.

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12 thoughts on “Simon Says . . .

  1. Fleas! I’ve never had them but Mom has in the past had cats before me that did get them……glad the gang is all better now but remember they may still be in the house waiting to pounce. Mom had to spray carpets and furniture back then to finally get rid of them. I’m sure things are different now but you’re right about the expense…it shouldn’t be so expensive to take proper care of a pet member of the family!!!

    Hugs, Sammy


  2. You are actually safer with the stuff on your neck instead of flea collars- a lot of cats get sick from those. I don’t know why flea meds are so pricey, I know at the vet they usually have a special to buy so many and get some free. If they were in your house, make sure your Mom vacuums and empties the vacuum every time because those little suckers crawl out.. XO


  3. Mee-you Simon an Toby mee had a turribull xperience last year with a Flea Collar. It was thee Zodiac brand that LadyMum has used fur 25+ years on Nylablue an Mingflower befur her….shee nevurr had a problem….
    Fur sum reason mee had a turribull reeacksun gaggin an freekin out an poor LadyMum had to rip thee flea collar off mee!!!
    An off to thee Vet wee went. Hee xplained to LadyMum thee diffyrence beetween commershell productss an VET productss an how they werk on us kittiess. It was a bit like gibbyrish to mee butt mee doess know Docktur Lang said Advantage 18 iss gentull on kittiess an not make them sick.
    So LadyMum invested inn a 4 pack of thee Advantage 18. An shee onlee putted 2 dropss frum thee tube inn mee fur! Shee sayss shee will split it up so shee can have enuff fur all Summer.
    As to why thee price iss so much, search mee! Mee finks prof-fit iss thee reason fur such high pricess. An it seems so unfair when outr Hu’manss just want to do rite bye us.
    So that iss what mee knows about flea treetmintss.
    Glad yur ‘flea free’!!!!
    ***nose bumpsss*** Siddhartha Henry xxxxx


  4. Oh Simon, me’s so sorry ya’ll have fleas. And da answer to your question is dat they only care about da money. Now, let me and mommy offer ya’ll a different option. See here in Oklahoma we have a real purroblem with ticks, fleas and mosquitoes and all other bugs fur dat matter. But every year mommy treats everythin’ but me and me stays flea free. We use a couple purroducts made by Bengal. We buy from their .com cuz it’s cheaper and this stuff isn’t really cheap. It is cheaper than those spot ons tho’
    and works quicker and better than collars and such. We buy da yard fogger, which we haven’t used yet this year cuz of all da rain. Mommy needs 3 days in a row without rain fur it to work. Even tho’ Bengal offers a money back guarantee she sees no reason to waste a good fogger. Anyways, she also buys da spray fur da house and sprays me’s stuff and around da house. All in all, purrobably $20-$30.00, but it lasts 8 months. And of course da spray bottle ain’t empty when she does our house so she can still use it in tween ifin needed. So really it’s one outdoor fogger a year and da spray when needed. Hope dat helps ya’ll.

    Luv ya’



  5. We are very lucky we have never had fleas. Since we have no fur, we wouldn’t be able to wear the collars, but there is a topical medication that would be safe for us that our vet could use if we ever needed it.

    Thanks for the purrs for Dragonheart.


  6. I hate it when my mum puts that yucky stuff on my neck! I have never had fleas but we get ticks here so the yuk keeps them off me.


  7. In Midway, we had medication for the heartworm and the ticks and it also keeps the fleas away from us cats. Before the vets came up with the right stuff, mes used to has to has the horrible stuff on my neck. Now that mes in Vancouver and hardly goes out, we don’t has fleas.
    Mommy is furry happy about that!


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