Throw-Back Thursday with Piper!

0602aSo back before I took over the blog, when LadyBird was the hostess (with the mostest!), Piper made very rare appearances here and it occurred to me that with all the remembrances of this week, I thought it was time to remember Piper. She passed last July after having lived with mom for 15 or so years She was important to me and BobbieSue because she was our adoptive catmom and not only loved on us both but also showed us how not to be mean felines!! We love her very much and want to share these photos of her with all our friends. We miss you, Momma Piper.


ellen_cat_badge_2  Tomorrow is Friday Fill-in Day! Come back for my answers.!!





Pawlympics2016 LARGEI’m thinking about hosting a Pawlympics event in August. Any ideas of what would be a fun event?  I’ve never participated in this before – have any of you? Let me know!! Oh, and click on the badge to go the event page!!!