Friday Fill-Ins with BobbieSue!!

0603aQuick! While Toby sleeping off his first breakfast (do you know he eats breakfast, posts his blog, and then eats a second breakfast!?! – and he talks about me stealing his treats!) – somehow he fell asleep in between the kitchen and the office – so here are MY answers to Friday Fill-Ins!!! This is supposed to be a SHARED blog not a TOBY blog!


My answers are in HOT PINK


1. The best money I my mom ever spent was on my tail amputation (it saved my life), and the worst was is her buying coffee drinks instead of my treats0603b

2. My most memorable vacation was with mom, of course!  at our home (she’s a staycation fan!).



3. It freaks me out when there’s a storm with thunder and lightning. I’m so scared I literally sit at mom’s feet meowing in distress until it is over.0603d

4. Once, I used to roam the streets but mom found me, took me in and loved me. And even though I always stay an arm’s length away from her grabby hands, I love her very much.
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