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reporter BobbieSue large Ace Reporter BobbieSue here. I want to introduce you to a new feature Toby and Simon have agreed to let me do. On an occasional basis I will be reporting to you, our devoted readers, cat news from around the world! Or, maybe just in our own backyard! 



I have a story for you today that comes from our local newspaper, The Virginian-Pilot  about Cat Team 7! 

jane cowan 3


It seems that in keeping with the longstanding naval tradition of cats on board ships, our local Naval Station Norfolk has become home to 100+ abandoned and feral cats and kittens.


jane cowan 4Current DoD rules prohibit TNR back onto the Naval Base (a policy Cat Team 7 is working to change). A colony lives near the aircraft carrier piers and frequent a local track and picnic area. While the cats are not causing trouble for the ships, they are a threat to protected migratory birds and a public health risk due to rabies. 


jane cowan 7

This kitten was found among the rocks.

Enter Cat Team 7 (sort of like the famous Seal Team 6, only with a public mission!). The Team is composed of Navy Base personnel, animal rescue volunteers and the Norfolk SPCA (a no-kill shelter) whose mission is to trap, spay/neuter, and find homes for the cats within the community. And, PetSmart Charities donated $79,000 toward this effort! 


jane cowan 1So far the team has rescued a number of cats, with five kittens going into foster homes and 2 cats going to live on the farm of a retired Navy Veteran. 



jane cowan 6 

If you are interested in helping Cat Team 7, please go to their crowd funding website HERE



jane cowan 2

Email the Team at:

jane cowan 5The original article was published HERE!

All photos by Jane Cowan/The Virginian-Pilot

I’ll be back next week with another story – this one is about a cat museum – with a twist!!!

Reporter BobbieSue smallAce Reporter BobbieSue signing off! 

Hug your cat today!!

23 thoughts on “Next up: BobbieSue, Reporter-at-large

  1. You did a great job reporting this story, Bobbie Sue. Cat Team 7 are doing a wonderful job and that is a very generous donation from Pet Smart Charities.


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