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BobbieSue reporting for WTWC News! 

I have a special report about a new museum that has opened in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania. It’s called Civil War Tails and is “possibly America’s most whimsical war museum.” (Karen Heller, The Washington-Post Weekly). 

Rebecca and Ruth Brown, 32-year-old twins, have recreated various battles of the Civil War using clay sculpted into cat soldiers!


The sisters bought a historic house, The Homestead – built in 1869, and established their Diorama museum there. The museum was born of a love of making cat figures and of Civil War history.


Everything is handmade and on a 1:1 scale. 

Little Round Top

The trees are made of twigs and reindeer moss, each individually glued. 


They have made thousands of cats as well as anything a soldier needs for battle – horses, cannons, rifles, tents – all hand made! Please go HERE to see the large size of one of the diorama’s – it’s humongous!!!


Click on their logo to go to their blog/website!!


We haven’t been to the museum, but it is on our list of places to visit!!!

I hope you enjoyed my report – I’ll be back again with more cat/animal news!!


Purrs and Prayers for

blue-flower-hiNellie (Nellie On The Edge) for her beloved Merlin Wilde ( who has moved on into the light. We pray also for Merlin’s family who are left with broken hearts.


blue-flower-hiThe family of Daddy Cat (Jacqueline’s Cat House), who has also moved on across the Rainbow Bridge.  Daddy-Cat-Forever




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  1. Hi Guys!!
    Thanks yous for the kind words on both mine and yours blog today.
    And Guys, mes and Toby on on your sidebar – Woot! Woot! That is so furry cool!
    And guys, one more thanks yous, thanks yous for the great time last Thursday!


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