Way-Back Wednesday

We’re doing a Way-Back Wednesday post because mom is too lazy to download recent photos of us from her camera {sigh}. Maybe she’ll do it tonight! Anyway, here are some beautiful pictures of Angel Laura who came and went way before any of the rest of us!! 

laura close up 2 - Copy

Laura came to live with mom in a round about way – she was looking at houses with a friend —


–one house they looked at the people said they were moving out the next day and not taking their cat with them.(How can people do that to their pet?) Mom saw that she had just had kittens —


–and asked what they were going to do with the beautiful white cat. They said they were taking her to Animal Control. Mom was horrified and afraid she wouldn’t survive! So she asked them if they would wait so she could come back the next day with a box and take Laura and her five kittens home. They said they would until the next day but that was all. (Remember these people were complete strangers!)

laura close up 1

–so Mom went back the very next day with a box and took Laura and her babies home!  Mom already had 2 cats (Angels Russell and Muffin) so after Laura raised her litter mom found homes for all of them – including Laura. But a week after Laura left the lady who adopted her brought her back saying her landlord wouldn’t let the beautiful cat stay. —


–So mom said that if something – or someone returns to her, she was meant to be with her forever. Laura had her furever home. She lived with mom for very many years before moving over the Bridge at the Gotcha age of 12. She’s beautiful, isn’t she?

We’ll see everybody tomorrow – hopeful with some new photos of us (get busy, mom!)

0605a  Cheers!, Toby

hump day gif It’s Hump Day!!