Simon says…We are Thankful


It’s my turn on the blog and I’m doing Thankful Thursday!!



We are Thankful for Miss Ellen  over at 15andMeowing. She sent us a surprise gift this week – yummy toys and Flat Penny, Joanie and Millie so they can always we with us!! Oh she sent mom a very pretty blank journal, too. Miss Ellen is so wonderful and so giving!! Thank you so much for your kindness!!



Here I am standing on my head in bliss over the catnip toys!!!



We are Thankful BobbieSue is getting used to not being the baby of the family any more.



We are Thankful for PeggySue and for . . . 



. . .MerryBelle. See the mess around her? That’s why we’re called The Wrecking Crew – ’cause we wreck mom’s house when she’s not home!!!


Oh – and we got a Greenie this week from Sammy’s Geography Class! Our Third one!!


See you tomorrow for Finally Friday!!!

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ellen_cat_badge_2  Friday Fill-Ins are tomorrow!!




20 thoughts on “Simon says…We are Thankful

  1. I am glad you got your package- I guess your Mom is checking the mail more often now 🙂
    She should set up a camera to see who is doing all the “wrecking”. I look forward to your answers on the fill-ins tomorrow. XO and love to you all.

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  2. YAY for Miss Ellen – she makes the most fabulous toys and mats…….she’s a sweet lady – I know because I have some of her goodies here too!!! So you destroy the house when nobody is looking huh? Let’s hope your Mom never gets one of those “spy cameras” then she’d know who the guilty party is!

    Hugs, Sammy


  3. Purrseidon here. Ms. Ellen’s toys are the best! She made me a cute little pumpkin (I love the color orange) and it is my very favorite ‘dry toy’. (my water-activated fishy was my favorite wet toy, until it broke, now, I play with floaty balls

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  4. You look very handsum Simon. It’s good to be thankful and to give thanks fur your blessings. You all look just gawjus. Dat was very nice of awnty Ellen to send you all includin’ your mommy somethin’ special.

    Luv ya’

    Dezi and Raena

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