Friday Fill-Ins!!


I’m answering Friday Fill-Ins for mom this week!!

1.The best brand of  peanut butter is Jif.pb day


2. I  Mom refuses to buy clothes of any kind unless there is a sale or a coupon.
clip-art-shopping-562250This cartoon is something she would never do! 


3. I am Mom is inspired by artists such as Jane Perkins.king-of-the-beasts-copy Jane Perkins’ website


4. Whenever Mom pets me, I am reminded how much I love her and she loves me.0604hugsb


Tomorrow is Box Day – Get your box photos ready!!!! 



Purrs and prayers….


In Memorium…






happy dance ‘Cause its Friday!!!

13 thoughts on “Friday Fill-Ins!!

  1. YAY Friday! We love your fill-ins and YES Jif is the best p-nut butter! My Mom loves it! Tomorrow is Box day and Bacon day for me…..two of my favorite things. Happy Friday! 🙂

    Love, Sammy


  2. We eat a lot of Jif at our house, too. In fact, our two youngest kids once covered themselves in it and danced. We called it the peanut butter dance. Our baby Xerxes, who is now in Rainbow Bridge, has a toy elephant named Jif. You can see a picture of that Jif on PS-Annie’s post today.


  3. Thank you for participating in the fill-ins. Those are great answers Toby. You are the second one to recommend Jif. I have never tried it, I buy the cheap store stuff. That iss a sweet photo of you and your Mom.
    Very sad that more kitties have left us. XO


  4. I agree that Jif is the best! I feel the same way as your mom about shopping for clothes, just get it done and over with! Jane Perkins artwork is amazing! It’s easy to see in that picture just how much the two of you love each other! ❤


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