It’s Box Day!!!!

Today we are joining Mudpie and Gertrude and celebrating International Box Day!!! Here is a series of photos of me exploring a gianormous box mom got in the mail!

box b

Hmmm, I think I can fit inside!

box c

See! I told you I could fit inside!

box d

It’s a little too tight – gotta get out!

box e

What is this thing?

box f

Oh – did you get this because of us?


Its also National Go Fishing Day!!!! I decided to go fishing in a very pretty lake.

box fishing day a


We hope everybody has a wonderful Caturday!!!!

6.18.2016 Intl Box Day BADGE




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17 thoughts on “It’s Box Day!!!!

  1. That is an interesting box. I have a feeling your Mom did get that cleaner because of all of you. I need to get a new spot cleaner, my hose came apart from the cleaning end. Penny is mad that you didn’t take her fishing, but she will forgive you if you save her a fish. XO


  2. Boxes are great! Our Xerxes loved to climb into boxes and close the lid over on himself. Daddy would tell him, “Ok, now we’re going to send you to China.” Or, “Now, we’re going to send you to sister at school.” He loved playing this “going on a trip” game. 🙂

    Happy Caturday!


  3. Yous actually gotted inside a box with the evil sucky monster!!!!
    Mes refused to either get into a box or let Mommy take a picture of mes when she unceremoniously dumped mes in one — so mes not pawticipating. Now mes a little miffed that mes missed it!


  4. A box full of vacuum cleaner? Well, there’s always a small spot available for a cat no matter how crowded a box is right? I didn’t know yesterday was fishing day…..gosh…..maybe I’ll take my Dad fishing for Father’s Day today?

    Hugs, Sammy


  5. The only thing to do with a box is to get inside it – even if it is a tight fit. I think Mom probably did buy the new vacuum because of you and your brothers and sisters, Toby. 🙂 Happy Box Day!


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