Sunday Selfies

We’re celebrating Sunday Selfies first with photos of our mom’s grandfathers!

daddy bush

Daddy Bush




Mom has other photos of her grandfathers but these are the only ones she has on her computer !


Now for our selfies! They’re kind of wonky but that’s why we picked them!!


BobbieSue had no interest in a selfie today!



One-eyed (not really) Simon!



PeggySue needs selfie practice! 



I opted for a toe selfie!!!


grey tuxieMerryBelle update: still no close photos of her but she is much happier now with PeggySue here. Those two play with each other and chase each other around. But the best part is MerryBelle is spending more time NOT hiding – she will even stay where she is when mom walks through the room, as long as mom doesn’t acknowledge her. And during treat time she comes toward mom but runs away at the last minute. She doesn’t go far – ’cause she knows mom has treats!! Mom and I are very pleased with her progress!! (Simon doesn’t care and BobbieSue just watches from afar!)

Cat4-001-300x300 The Cat on My Head Sunday Selfies

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