Simon Says…I love treats!!

0621a We get treats twice a day, even though I want them all the time! We get treats in the morning while mom is getting ready for work and at night before we go to bed. Yum!!


0621c  It’s bad enough that we only get them twice a day, but I have to share with BobbieSue and Toby. I’ve taken to requesting my snacks in another room because I eat slower and BobbieSue inhales hers and then she eats mine!


0621b And now, of course I have to share snack time with PeggySue as well! And to make it even worse, now that MerryBelle is making more of an appearance, she gets treats as well!


0621d  I remember a time when there was only Toby and I who got snacks. (And Angel Piper, too-only she wasn’t an Angel then.) If we keep expanding like this – where will it all end??


selfies 0214cMom was supposed to be downsizing cat-wise, but she says Spirit had other ideas and presented her with more cats to save like the rest of us! She also says I need to share my treats with the newbies – it will help them feel like they are part of the family!!! Even as old as I am I need to be reminded to share and be nice to the younger ones! Do you get treats? Do you have to work for them or are they just given to you?


Toby will be back tomorrow! Have a good evening!


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