BobbieSue Reporting… and Friday Fill-ins!

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 BobbieSue Reporting for WTWC News!!

Do you know that the United States Army had a Veterinary Corp? I never thought about it so I would be one of those who didn’t know!


In this week’s local military newspaper,    flagship     —-  I found all about it!!  (By the way, click on the logo to go to the article!)
A few days ago the Norfolk Naval Station Veterinary Activity (VETAC) Veterinary Treatment Facility celebrated the Army Veterinary Corp’s 100thanniversary!100  Formed in 1916, the Corp was established to treat the horses used by the Army during World War 1. It is estimated that hundreds of thousands of horses were killed during the war and even more injured!(Go HERE for more information about horses during WW1.)


dog being examinedNow, the Corp treats Military Working Dogs (MWD) as well as the household pets of active-duty and retired military service members, reservists and their dependents.
clinic 1To celebrate the anniversary the local VETAC hosted an open house showing off its facility of six exam rooms and two operating rooms for MWDs and household pets. One of their most important jobs is to screen pets for service members traveling overseas, which includes a pet’s medical history and current health status. Isn’t it wonderful that our service members are able to take their furbabies with them? (Although, not on ships!) Also, the dog on the table is a stuffed toy!

The celebration also had a petting zoo with chickens, goats, miniature donkeys and alpacas.

sheeep And in case you need one, here is another reason to celebrate our VETAC soldiers – they’re a very special group of men and women who not only take care of the needs of heroic Military Service Dogs and the beloved pets of our Armed Forces, but they also care for the animals of the countries where they are stationed! 


Well, I hope you enjoyed my report! I’ll be back again with more news of our own animal backyard!

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0605aAnd now, it’s my turn to do Friendly Friday Fill-Ins! My answers are in purple!!!


1.       My feelings get hurt when mom shows more ANY affection to my fursiblings.

2.       I am excited about breakfast time, supper time, treat time, and cuddles with momma time.

3.       Me first, then evfurrybody else.

4.       One time, I escaped out the front door on my own and relished the brief moments of absolute freedom; that’s why I try to do it again EVERY SINGLE TIME mom opens the door and she has to watch me like a hawk!

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 happy dance  Because its Friday!!!!