Caturday Art Plus Gymnastic Bathing!

Spotted-CatfishToday is National Catfish Day!! I took Penny to eat catfish! 0624a catfish dayWe really enjoyed ourselves!! This time, we went by ourselves and that made it all the more wonderful!!

Pawlympics2016 LARGE

We at the Wrecking Crew are hosting an event in this August’s Blogville  Pawlympics!!!  We’re hosting Gymnastic Bathing! Here’s an example of the event:


We are to inviting YOU to participate with us!!! It doesn’t matter if you take water, tongue or dust baths! We want YOU to send us your best bathing picture! We need them by July 15 and our event is August 14!! Send your bathing photos to: by July 15th!!

For more information about the Blogville Pawlympics go to: Dory’s Backyard

Go HERE for a complete Pawlympic schedule!!

Have a great weekend!!!


6x6Catfish CartoonWht

Click on the Badges for more fun!!!


Pawlympics2016 LARGE





catfish-fry-cook-22934957 I’m not a link! I’m just a fry cook!