Wild Sunday Selfie

Good Sunday Selfie Morning everyone!! I have a new selfie for you today! Mom knew some-one or some-fur was eating all of the stray’s food at night and she finally got a picture of him/her! The photos are a little grainy – but then it was 3:30 in the morning and mom was trying to be extra quiet!selfie aselfie e

Here’s PeggySue’s Selfie!selfie b

Long-distance selfie of PeggySue and MerryBelle. Ignore mom’s messy bed. After she found MerryBelle napping she didn’t want to disturb her by going any closer. As it was MerryBelle ran away right after! That’s PeggySue posing nicely in the sunshine!selfie c

And finally my selfie – taken when I was practicing for the Gymnastic Bathing Event on August 14th!! Click on the badge below for more info to Pawticipate!!!selfie d

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Happy Sunday everyone!!!!


Pawlympics2016 LARGE




beauticianΒ It’s National Beautician’s Day!Β 


19 thoughts on “Wild Sunday Selfie

  1. HA! The raccoons help themselves to our “wandering cat” bowl of food outside too – AND the water………..we’ve seen them taking a “wash” after they eat. Tee Hee Happy Sunday!

    Hugs, Sammy


  2. Stinkin raccoon stealing the poor strays food. I love your selfies, I am glad MerryBelle is adjusting now that she has her sister. How many others are outside? XO


  3. Such wonderful selfies!!! Mes wonders if that racoon’s cousin is the one that is eating figs off my auntie’s tree!!! Some racoon has been pulling off the almost ripe figs, taking one bite and dropping them in her pool!!!
    And Toby – yous is totally swoonable!


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