One-eyed Selfies

Remember those selfie practice shots last week? Well Simon and I got together (by the way, did you notice I let him go first? Mom says I need to be nicer at sharing. I’m trying.). any way, we got together and decided to do weird rather than pretty. So here are our One-Eyed Selfies!!

0731aDo you see mom photo bombing Simon? Her fingers are in mine. She says she was trying to help us!0731b


This is my favorite because  I’m super-duper close to the camera and its all out of focus so it makes me look like a giant monster!!! I love it!! What do you think?


Enjoy your Sunday everybody – I hope it is a relaxing one for you!!!



Pokemon Go? Pokemon NO!

pokemon-goMom is taken with this strange Pokemon Go! craze that’s going around. If you don’t know what it is – its this game you play on the phone where you wander around and try to find Pokemon characters. When you find them you capture them using your phone! Well, she’s caught a few of them – the trouble is she keeps finding them on me and Simon!!! I don’t like this – I don’t like this at all!!!

Can you believe for Caturday Art she is using those photos! I tell you – she’s on her way around the bend and off the beam!!!

Mom caught 5 on me!!! How come I didn’t see them and she did? To find out what I think check out the hidden messages!


At least Simon only had 2 characters caught on him!


Enough is enough, mom!!! No more Pokemon Go! The time you spend playing that game less time you spend with me, er, us!!!  Oh well,  I’m sure it’s just a fad!

Happy Caturday!!!





Simon Says: It’s Friday Fill-in!

Yippee! It’s my turn to do Friday Fillins!!! Questions are in Black; my answers are in purple!

0729a1. One quirk I have is I like to lick Toby on the head and finish off his bath with a bite on the ear!

0729b2. My favorite comic strip is Dagwood and Blondie – I’m a bit old-fashioned!!!

0729c3. I am really happy when my mom is home and I have her full attention!
0729d4. If I could go anywhere on a road trip, I would go to any place that doesn’t include being surrounded by so many cat-bodies!
That was fun – I want to do it next week, too! I’ll have to ask mom!!!
We’ll see you Saturday for Caturday Art!!!
happy cat

Doin’ the happy dance ’cause its Friday!!!

Practice Selifies

Simon and I are in training for Sunday Selfies – here are the so-so results.

I look like I have a skinny turkey neck, don’t I? Its an okay shot, don’t you think? Check out Simon’s!


Hey! I didn’t so so bad! At least I don’t have a skinny turkey neck! And my bedroom eyes show me off very nicely. This one’s for you, Joanie. Hubba-hubba!0728b

Simon – You’re so bad!!!!


Tomorrow is Friendly Friday Fill-in’s! Hope you’ll join the rest of us as we plumb the depths of our lives in 4 questions!!!