BobbieSue’s Friday Fill-ins!

0701bHey folks, its about time those boys give me a chance at the blog! It’s always Toby, Toby, Toby and Simon, Simon, Simon.

0701a Oh well, whats a smart tuxie-girl to do? Relish the moment!!


Here are my answers to Friendly Friday Fill-ins!!!

1. I never thought I would miss being outside, but I do. 

2. Every 4th of July  I huddle under the bed scared out of my wits because of all the loud bangs outside.

3. If I knew having sisters would be so much trouble, I would have kept mom from bringing them inside. I don’t know how – but I would have figured it out.

4. I have trouble accepting PeggySue and MerryBelle. MerryBelle leaves me alone; however PeggySue wants to play — but I’m still not sure yet.


 It’s National Postage Stamp Day so I headed over to FotoFunia and made a quick picture with mom!national stamp day
Firework-clip-art-28Enjoy your holiday weekend – and leave the fireworks to the professionals!! — Better yet – just leave them – I HATE fireworks!!
event banner
ellen_cat_badge_2Go HERE and HERE for more fill in fun!!

14 thoughts on “BobbieSue’s Friday Fill-ins!

  1. Fabulous fill-ins! Nice that you got your turn at filling in isn’t it! Hope the fireworks don’t drive all of you nuts………we’re hoping for QUIET here too and it’s supposed to RAIN on the 4th so we just might get our wish!

    Hugs, sammy


  2. Thank you for your answers BobbieSue, I enjoyed them. I am sorry you miss outside, but you are much safer inside. Brody wants to play with everyone here, but no one wants to play with him either. Those are great stamps- I would buy them. Have a nice 4th, maybe there won’t be a lot of bangs.


  3. my stars girl, I couldn’t agree more; purrhaps we can call each other on the phone and chat while all the noise is going on and that way it wont seem so bad ~~~~~~~ hugs from dai$y =^..*= ♥♥♥

    heerz two a flagfin happee 4th kinda week oh end guys…..see ya twooz day ♥♥♥


  4. What a great stamp! I’ll have to check out that site.

    Bobby Sue, you’re a beautiful kitty. 🙂

    I understand completely about the sisters thing. Even pulling them out of the crib and powdering them to invisibility doesn’t work. I know. I tried.

    Have a blessed weekend!


  5. BobbieSue, Your answers are great. You remind me of our Mittens. She was a princess, too! Hopefully you won’t have the redneck brigade (which I used to be a part of) doing things with fireworks and saying, “Watch ‘is”. If you hear that, take cover.


  6. I think my Jack misses the outside. I feel bad about it but he is safer inside or just on the balcony. Teddy liked being an only cat and just tolerates Jack. Jack’s okay with it but he does like to antagonize Teddy.


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