How we spent the Fourth

How was your Fourth of July? Ours was L O U D!!!!  OMC! The fireworks in the park across the interstate from where we live sounded like they were in our backyard!!! Our walls were vibrating and the windows were shaking. It was horrible for everybody but me. I spent the noisy time sitting in a box on mom’s desk.IMG_3112


PeggySue did really well – she was sort of relaxed and alert throughout the fireworks but when the big finale came – we could tell because it sounded like a helicopter landing on our roof – she did run off and hide. This was her earlier in the day.IMG_3095


BobbieSue was not happy with PeggySue earlier in the day and showed her temper.IMG_3105


ME? I just enjoyed the cool breeze while I could and ignored the feuding female felines!IMG_3097


Have a great day!!!


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15 thoughts on “How we spent the Fourth

    • I wish they wouldn’t spat so much!!! The only thing BobbieSue would have to do is box her ears once and PeggySue would learn her place. That’s what I did and she knows her place around me!!!


  1. OMC! That musta been scary! We had some fireworks last night and Zoey was scared and hid under the sofa. We’re just glad it’s over now. Though we’re sure there still will be some humans shooting off firecrackers over the next few days…they always do.

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  2. guys….we had ree served seetz UTB & we kept R reservationz for thiz hole week coz de crazed peepulz will still bee shootin off fire werkz a week frum now…onlee one knot bothered waz boomer { him loozed hiz hearing a few bak } ♥♥♥

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  3. We had RAIN all night! YAY! No fireworks! Too much rain!!!! I’m sure there were a lot of disappointed peeps but I was not one of them (nor were my parents!). Probably tonight they’ll have late fireworks – better one day late than never for those whose 4th just isn’t “right” without NOISE!

    Hugs Sammy

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  4. MOL Well Toby glad you did okay with da fireworks. Sorry da girlys was scared. We did okay this year too. Me couldn’t let RaenaBelle show me up, so we all hung round in da livin’ room watchin’ teevee.

    Luv ya’

    Dezi and Raena


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