Friday Fill-In Time!!!

It’s Friday and that means  Friendly Friday Fill-ins with PeggySue!!

1.  Fitting into my new indoor home was easier than I expected.0708 b (2)

2. Bucket list: 1. Become friends with BobbieSue. 2. Help MaryBelle accept mom as a nice being who loves her and wants to care for her.  3. Enjoy life as an indoor kitty!0708 b

3. I cannot believe there are humans in this world who don’t love and worship cats.0708 a


4. If I could say thank you I wouldto my new mom!0708 c

ellen_cat_badge_2 Go HERE for more Fill-in Fun!!


event banner

angel_01 We are praying and purring for the police officers of Dallas, Texas, and their grieving families.

memorium dallas

9 thoughts on “Friday Fill-In Time!!!

  1. Thank you for participating in the fill-ins. I LOVE all your answers PeggySue, especially your bucket list and wanting to thank your new Mom. I am glad you found such a great home. XO


  2. Grrrrreat post! I just saw your comment now. Sorry I read it sort of late! Anyway, I don’t have any other gadget on my sidebar for following other than following with Google, but you can also follow with Feedly if you use that. I use Feedly because you put in all the links of the blogs you read and their newest posts show up there so you don’t miss anything. I also post once a day if that helps. I hope this helps!


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