We went to a dance!!

We went to Blogville’s Summer Dance! It was a big one  – there were 56 attendees!! Of course, we brought our sweethearts with us!! Here we are dancing!!!

Toby and Pennymillie and bobbiesueSimon and Joanie

Millie and Simon look great in their tuxedos! But I’m more comfortable in my shorts and Tee!! The girls, of course, all look fabulous!!

BadgeThanks to Christmas for hosting the summer dance!! You can see all the other attendees by clicking on his badge and or clicking on PawProvince.com. We had a great time and are looking forward to next year!!

summer dance

cb-summer click on the badge!!

event banner



12 thoughts on “We went to a dance!!

  1. You all looked great as did everyone else. I am a little mad at Penny for wearing such a short dress though. Millie, Penny and Joanie had a great time and thank you for taking them. XO

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  2. We saw all the dancers at the dance – what a pawsome event…….Mom was clueless about the dance and didn’t know about it – I keep telling her to check the Blogville calendar but she NEVER LISTENS!

    Hugs, Sammy

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