Caturday Art Time!!

Good Morning, All!!!  Mom used  an app to make our photos today! We hope you enjoy them! It’s been super duper hot this week and today will be all storms so we are posting early and then getting off the computer today! Lightening is forecast and we’ll need mom to protect us from all the noise!!




Happy Caturday Art, Everyone!!


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17 thoughts on “Caturday Art Time!!

  1. I love you art! Penny thinks that one with Toby looks like a necklace pendant. I see you are one of the finalists for Nellie’s prize- I voted for you so you can get your LadyBird- good luck! Be safe from those storms. XO

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    • The drop one is my favorite, too (of course!). We’re hoping to win – thank you for your vote!!! I’ll be next to mom during the storms today! Kisses to Penny!!! Love, Toby


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