Let’s repeat Sunday!!

Only myself and PeggySue are in today’s post – just like we were on Sunday’s. It’s not that we’re hogging the camera – its just we’re the only two hanging around mom when she’s taking photos. Mom calls us her orange and black shadows. 071816a


Simon used to hang closer to mom but since PeggySue ¬†came inside, he’s slower in getting used to her. BobbieSue still has her nose out of joint about the whole thing. They all just need to either ignore her or whack her on the head once or twice and she’ll leave them alone. That’s what I did (whack her on the head) and we’re fine now! 071816b

We attended Dragonheart’s 10th birthday and had a great time!! We’re the same age – 10 is wonderful!!! Click on the badge to go to the party as well!!Dragonhearts-10th-Birthday-Visitor-300px


We hope you have a great rest of your day!!!

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