It’s Tuxie Tuesday!!!

0608aI’m stepping aside today – because I’m not a tuxie! Call me Mr., er, Captain Obvious!!!! First up, BobbieSue (age before beauty!).


0719c  Toby, are you saying I’m not beautiful????

0719d Because I would beg to disagree!!

0719e  After all, I am the Queen of all I survey!!!


If you’re the Queen, then I’m the princess!!!!0719a


I like you BobbieSue, I really do – If you’ll give me a chance!!!0719b



8 thoughts on “It’s Tuxie Tuesday!!!

    • Thank you, we think we are the prettiest tuxies around! PeggySue says thank you for the compliment from Brody. And I want to send out hugs and kisses to my sweetheart, Millie. YOU are the cutest ever!!! Love, BobbieSue


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