I’m not Happy!!!!

I’m not happy!  Why, you say??? Because its National Junk Food Day!!! Look at all this yummy junk food all around me and mom says I can’t have  ANY of it!!!

fast food day

Boy, mom, you know how to bring a mancat down!!!!


junk food







8 thoughts on “I’m not Happy!!!!

  1. TBT says all dry food is junk food so we only get a few tossed around at dinner time ta chase. Its fun but not filling. So then we get the helty stuff. Which we like, but it sure isnt like having a mouse fer dinner. We do catch those outside…


  2. When I am having bad days I don’t want to eat. My mum gives me treats because I will usually eat a few. She calls it my junk food diet but says it is better that I eat that than nothing.


  3. I see why you are mad Toby, all those yummies and you can’t have any. You are making me hungry!
    🙂 I will get birthday cake tomorrow- come on over.


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