Friday Fill-in Time!!!

It’s Friendly Friday Fill-in time!!! I finally wrested control of my blog back from those usurpers!! What? It’s not “MY” blog – oh, you’re right, it’s a shared blog. Well, it is called “Toby’s Wrecking Crew” NOT the “Wrecking Crew and Toby!!” Anyway, I digress – mom and I are answering the Fill-in questions this week!

The questions are in black, my answers in orange, and mom’s in blue!

1. I wish I could afford to hire someone to:

walk me outside every day since mom is always too tired to do it.100_1764

clean my house and do my grocery shopping for me.


2. Zucchini

what the heck is Zucchini? 


is wonderful when shredded and baked into zucchini bread. Also, sliced thin, sautéed with butter, salt and pepper until slightly soft – yum!

3. One Summertime memory I recall is

the first summer we lived in Savannah – it was hot, humid and stinky (there was a nearby paper factory and if you’ve never smelled the unique, disgusting ‘fragrance’ of a paper factory, well, I wish I was you! 


the paper factory smell wasn’t so bad – in fact it reminded me of the hot, humid summers I spent as a child with my beloved Mama Bush in 8-Mile, Alabama. There was a paper factory not too far from her house and whenever we would go off antiquing we would occasionally drive by it.


4. This Summer

I have not gone outside nearly as much as I want to. Mom says it’s too hot. But I think she’s lazy.

 I have not taken Toby outside as much as he wants to go. I have my reasons and none of them include being lazy!!
happy dance

Thank Goodness It’s Friday!!!!

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