Tabby Tuesday

0610bFor Tabby Tuesday I decided to share with you the story of Rufus. He’s over the Bridge now, but he was a well loved kitty.

0726aThis is a photo of Rufus when he first came to live with mom. He came to her by way of a friend, we’ll call her Mary. It seems Mary lived in a townhouse next to some man she didn’t know very well. Rufus started showing up on her back porch and she felt sorry for him so she fed him. Mary wasn’t interested in rescuing poor Rufus because she didn’t like cats.

726aShe did notice him jumping the fence into the man next door’s yard so she asked him about Rufus. The man said he was taking care of Rufus for a friend who went out of town but the man kept forgetting to feed him – so Rufus, abandoned to the outside – in winter – sought refuge in Mary’s yard. One day Mary was relating this story to mom casually – she really wasn’t concerned about Rufus. Mom was horrified for him! She told Mary she’d go get him. The next day, Rufus had a new foster home!

rufus with normanMom looked after the big hunk of mancat, had him neutered and loved on him a lot!! She noticed how such a chilled cat he was and her sister, my auntie, had 2 rambunctious boys and had recently lost a beloved cat. Mom convinced Auntie that Rufus  was the cat for her. She finally said okay and Rufus went to a new home!

not my birthdayThe first couple of nights Rufus was at his new home, he walked around and howled. Auntie called up mom and said he had to go! Mom said, NO!  You need to be patient and he’ll come around. He did after a couple of days – Auntie fell in love with him! Rufus finally found his forever home!!

waiting for santaRufus lived a long and happy life, well-loved and cherished.


Sorry for the extra long post, but I thought it was time I shared his story!

Mom wrote and illustrated Rufus’ story  on her art blog. (She took some artistic license with his story! But the bones of the story is true. He did go through 4 homes before he finally found his forever home.) Click on the image below to read her book. I hope you’ll go look – it won’t take long because it’s a picture book!

bounce around rufus_0001

See you tomorrow!!