Pokemon Go? Pokemon NO!

pokemon-goMom is taken with this strange Pokemon Go! craze that’s going around. If you don’t know what it is – its this game you play on the phone where you wander around and try to find Pokemon characters. When you find them you capture them using your phone! Well, she’s caught a few of them – the trouble is she keeps finding them on me and Simon!!! I don’t like this – I don’t like this at all!!!

Can you believe for Caturday Art she is using those photos! I tell you – she’s on her way around the bend and off the beam!!!

Mom caught 5 on me!!! How come I didn’t see them and she did? To find out what I think check out the hidden messages!


At least Simon only had 2 characters caught on him!


Enough is enough, mom!!! No more Pokemon Go! The time you spend playing that game less time you spend with me, er, us!!!  Oh well,  I’m sure it’s just a fad!

Happy Caturday!!!