Simon Says: OMC! I’m Old!!!

I’m a little down today, folks. Can you see why? I just noticed them today. I never thought it would happen. I blame that young whippersnapper, PeggySue. She’s a worrisome sort.0830d


Look closer – I know its hard to see with the sun behind me. Let me move over by the wall.0830c


There – look on the left (my right). That’s right. WHITE WHISKERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!0830b


And look on the right (my left) – even MORE WHITE WHISKERS!!! I’m OLD!!!! I’ve always had black whiskers – that’s me – a beautiful solid black cat!! No more. I’m old, old, old. Woe is me!! Do you think if I ask mom she will pluck them out? Maybe they will grow back black! Does that mean my fur is going to turn white? It better not – if it does I will DEMAND mom dye my fur back to black!!  Go away now.  I’m too depressed to talk any more.0830a


006If you’re tired of listening to Simon whine, check out mom’s photo blog. I’m the featured star!!!!  Go HERE!!!!



ManCat Monday!!!

0829 aIt’s ManCat Monday! Of course on this blog its ManCat everyday of the week!! Alright, mom, Simon and I are in the minority around here (3 ladycats + 1 lady human against 2 mancats = we are severely outnumbered!). (Mom! you forgot to remove the goopies from my eyes before you took my photo!!!)

0829 bSimon and I are just chillin’ at the end of summer. I’m hoping for cooler days so mom can start taking me outside again! She says she’s got to get me conditioned to car rides and people if I’m to go with her to BlogPaws next year! Let’s get going now, mom!

0829 cPeggySue is the only one of the ladycats who showed up for a photo today. BobbieSue and MerryBelle are snubbing the flashy box!

0829 dTo end this post I’ll leave you with my fabulous back legs and tail!!! Happy ManCat Monday!!!

cb-easter-blog-links-isis I know, I know, its not Easter – but I liked the BunnyCat  – so don’t fuss at me about the wrong badge!!! Click on the badge, by the way, for more blog fun!!!!!




Remembrance Day

0828a Today is Rainbow Bridge Remembrance Day and we are honoring our cousins who paved the way for the Wrecking Crew. 

rainbow bridge day


Sweet Piper and LadyBird left us last year …



Those who came before the Crew…

baby-agnes lauracleo normanarussell-amyrddin-nimue

mc This is MC – we’re looking for a better photo of him!

And we are remembering Granmama’s two babies that went to the bridge this year…


We are also joining  the Cat on My Head Sunday Selfie – because the photo of me is a selfie!

Cat4-001-300x300 Click on the badge to view more selfies and remembrances.


Tribute to King Sammy of Baconia

chef toby Chef Toby here – I was helping mom go through old magazines the other day (for her art project) and I found some delicious bacon recipes to offer in tribute to King Sammy of Baconia!

Here is the delicious bacon first – then the recipes!!0827aMmmm, look delicious, don’t they? Southwest Cornmeal, Pecan Rosemary, BBQ! I found them in a Southern Living Magazine from March 2015. Here’s the recipes –0827d



Here I am in my kitchen cooking them up for King Sammy! Everyone else is invited over to sample them!! Bacon for King Sammy

Happy Caturday Art to King Sammy and everyone else!!

We’re praying extra hard for Flynn, King Sammy’s friend, as he his feeling poorly!flynnbadge

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