Treat Time!

You all know treat time is my absolute favorite time of the day – except of course when I get cuddles with mom time. Here’s what happened on last night’s treat time!

I’m enjoying my treats but PeggySue is sticking her butt in my face! How can I enjoy my treats like that???0804a

MerryBelle is coming out of hiding a little more often – mom even touched her the other day!!! Progress is glacial but we appreciate it!0804b

Simon has decided he is special and he eats his treats in the kitchen. That’s mainly because PeggySue inhales hers, then mine, then everybody elses around her!0804c

Finally, treats to enjoy on my own. I’ll tell you a secret: sometimes after PeggySue has eaten hers and mine and goes off to scavenge other treats, mom very quietly opens the treat jar and gives me more. I love my mom!!!0804d


Tomorrow is Friendly Friday Fill-In Time…Yea!!!


8 thoughts on “Treat Time!

  1. Mee hearss you about snarfin down treetss…if there were other katss here they wood have to eat their’ss quik like!! Mee iss what LadyMum calls a ‘trret-hog’!!! Mew mew mxew…..
    Littul MerryBelle iss reelly cute!
    ***nose kissesss*** Siddhartha Henry xxxx


  2. With her mouth so wide open in the first picture, PeggySue definitely looks like she’s about to inhale her treats! MaryBelle looks so cute. Hopefully she’ll lose her timidity soon. 🙂


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