Low Light Color Intensified

I know, you’re thinking is it Caturday Art day already? No – it’s Monday! ¬†Mom just took some low light photos of me (Toby) and the mystery cat below (you’ll have to guess who!!) so she decided to intensify the color and post them just because!!! I tried to be incognito too but you can’t miss my gorgeous orange fur can you?0808a0808b

You may have noticed we haven’t been visiting as much and commenting. Mom and I want to apologize for that. We don’t have the internet in our house right now and mom has to go to the library to do our posts (which means more time away from us which we all hate). She’s checking her emails and our friend’s posts on her iphone and commenting when she can. Please don’t think we don’t love all of you and enjoy talking with you. ¬†Things are a bit haywire around here right now and hopefully in a couple of weeks everything will be straightened out!!

Remember = WE LOVE ALL OF YOU!!!