What are we looking at?

What are we looking at? PeggySue noticed it first and then mom WOKE me up from a nap to look out the window!


I don’t see what you’re looking at, PeggySue.

Open your eyes, Orange Boy!


Wait! I think I see it – it’s a bird! A plain old ho hum bird.

You sure are blind, Orangey. It’s not a bird and it’s not over there.


Oh! I see! He kind of blends in with the grass at bit.

As if!! He’s brown and the grass is green you Orange Blob!

Hey don’t get all persnickety with me you whippersnapper! It’s the dirty window that mom never cleans that I can’t see out of!!!



What were PeggySue and I looking at? Can you find it through the dirty glass?0809e