Throwback Thursday

toby, move 2010 bHey, folks! I’m throwing it wwwwwaaaaayyyyyyy back for Throwback Thursday! All the way before even mom and Auntie were born! Mom and I were looking through some old photos and we found these to share with you. They are scanned into the computer so they may be a little crooked and a little faded, but they sure are fun to look at!!

Oh, what a year 1953 was with a chocolate-point Siamese cat named Butch!!0811b

Cats in 1953 are just like us today – they eat tuna (Van Camps) out of the can…0811d


They hide in high places when their humans want them!0811f

They sleep with a paw over their eyes to pretend the human with the flashy box isn’t there.


They finally give up and offer a nice sleepy-time pose.butch 1953-54

Cats in 1953 love their humans….0811e

Cats have always been excellent at climbing and balancing.0811g

And finally, cats in 1953 hated being held in weird ways. We haven’t changed a bit in 63 years have we? By the way, that’s my granmama. Isn’t she pretty? She doesn’t know I posted this unedited photo of her – she’s really internet shy – but I figured she wouldn’t mind this photo of her when she was just a teenager! – At least that’s what mom told me to say!!!0811h

toby move 2010 aWasn’t that fun? Thanks for stopping by on Throwback Thursday!! Sending raspberry kisses!!!

Tomorrow is Friendly Friday Fill-in’s. We missed last week so this week we’ll have a double dose of fill-in’s!!!! See you tomorrow!!!