Friday Fill-In Time!!

You get a double dose of Fill-ins this week – I didn’t get a chance to post last Friday so I’m doing both today!!

Friendly Fill-Ins Week 13
1. I am most proud of my luxurious orange fur, it’s soft, thick and just plain gorgeous.0610c

2. I am embarrassed to admit my mom plays Pokémon Go.Toby & Rattata
3. My super-power might be ocupathy – it’s my word for being able to communicate to mom through my eyes. When I turn on my ocupathy mom is powerless to resist and she gives me what I want. 
4. I really wish I could be a TV star. Mom says I’m smart enough to do it! Any producers or agents out there want to take me on?058

Friendly Friday Fill-ins Week 14

1. My nickname is Bobo but mom also calls me ‘sweet boy’, ‘love bug’, ‘Tobster’, and ‘love muffin’. All pretty gnarly names to me!!!031816d
2. The first thing I ever won was
 – well, I’ve never won anything personally but the first thing my mom ever won was her Wings as a Brownie in Girl Scouts!brownie girl scout This isn’t mom!

3. I have never been to the beach but I sure wish mom would take me one day.051216a

4.Next year mom and I are hoping to go to Blog Paws Convention in Myrtle Beach so I can meet Miss Ellen (15andMeowing) in person!!!  BlogPaws2017-EarlyBirdAdWe missed the early-bird pricing! Bummer!!
happy cat

Happy Friday!!