Tuxie Tuesday with the -Sues!

0816aBobbieSue here, I wanted to let everyone know I’m still around even though that upstart PeggySue is getting a lot of blog space. I’m shy but that girl is just too much. I’ve taken up residence on the armoire in the kitchen and the cat tree in the living room; meanwhile, PeggySue has taken over the whole house – not to mention how much she drives me crazy because she wants to play all the time. Alright. I’m done. Here’s PeggySue who wants even more blog space!!

0816b Mom says I’m being bad. 0816c I don’t think so.0816d How can I be bad???

0816e What are you doing mom?

0816f Are you taking a photo of me?

0816g Can I help? Let me try, please!

0816h Okay, I’ll pose pretty for you. I wish BobbieSue would be my friend. Oh well, maybe one day!

That’s Tuxie Tuesday!!!



9 thoughts on “Tuxie Tuesday with the -Sues!

  1. Mr. M here – we tuxedos need to stick together! BobbieSue, I completely understand your situation because I deal with a similar one with Purrseidon, who wonders why I love spending peaceful afternoons in my favorite box.


  2. Oh girls, furst off, ya’ll sure are purretty. But you do sound like us. Raena has way to much energy and is always “bein’ bad” or so mommy says, and me just wants peace and quiet. Hmmmmm Maybe we could work out a play date. MOL Good luck, we’re sendin’ purrayers.

    Luv ya’

    Dezi and Raena


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