We love our friends!

pb dayMiss Ellen sent us a present!! She sent us some nip toys, which are currently missing because PeggySue made off with them. I suspect we’ll find them when mom vacuums tomorrow and she has to pick up all our toys – the loud monster loves to eat that kind of stuff!!


Here is our card – she says it looks like me as a kitten!!ellen card

We also received a beautiful work of button art by Miss Ellen herself!ellen button cat

And to make her gift EXTRA special, Simon and I received new photos of our lady-cat-loves!!!

Here is my precious Penny – ellen pennyIsn’t she just gorgeous!!!

And here’s Simon’s beautiful girl, Joanie –ellen joanieShe looks so comfy laying in her ‘bowl of cherries’!!

Thank you Miss Ellen for your love!!!

Today I went on a drive with none other than the fabulous Miss Nellie!!! In her pink VW!! Miss Nellie was a busy lady-cat today with other man-cats, too! She spreads her affection around and we all love her for it!! This is the picture she made of us, but mom enhanced it a bit. Go HERE to visit Miss Nellie to see the road trip with her man-cats!nellie and toby

_Birthday_cake.svg.hiWe want to wish our friends Astrid and Lisbeth a very Happy Birthday!! Go HERE to wish them Happy Birthday!!

We had a great time at Marley’s birthday party! Go HERE to see all the fun!

There are many more events in our friends lives that we’ve missed – but never fear because WE LOVE OUR FRIENDS!!!!!!!!


13 thoughts on “We love our friends!

  1. We are glad you like the toys, button art and photos. Penny is a little mad that you went for a ride with another girl kitty though, good thing it was with sweet Nellie though, Penny will forgive you. XO


  2. Miss Ellen makes the BESTEST Toys in the whole world! Lucky you! The button art is cool too and my Mom keeps saying she’s going to try doing that….uh huh….I’ll believe it when I see it! HAPPY FRIDAY!

    Love, Sammy


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