ManCat Monday!!!

0829 aIt’s ManCat Monday! Of course on this blog its ManCat everyday of the week!! Alright, mom, Simon and I are in the minority around here (3 ladycats + 1 lady human against 2 mancats = we are severely outnumbered!). (Mom! you forgot to remove the goopies from my eyes before you took my photo!!!)

0829 bSimon and I are just chillin’ at the end of summer. I’m hoping for cooler days so mom can start taking me outside again! She says she’s got to get me conditioned to car rides and people if I’m to go with her to BlogPaws next year! Let’s get going now, mom!

0829 cPeggySue is the only one of the ladycats who showed up for a photo today. BobbieSue and MerryBelle are snubbing the flashy box!

0829 dTo end this post I’ll leave you with my fabulous back legs and tail!!! Happy ManCat Monday!!!

cb-easter-blog-links-isis I know, I know, its not Easter – but I liked the BunnyCat  – so don’t fuss at me about the wrong badge!!! Click on the badge, by the way, for more blog fun!!!!!