Simon Says: OMC! I’m Old!!!

I’m a little down today, folks. Can you see why? I just noticed them today. I never thought it would happen. I blame that young whippersnapper, PeggySue. She’s a worrisome sort.0830d


Look closer – I know its hard to see with the sun behind me. Let me move over by the wall.0830c


There – look on the left (my right). That’s right. WHITE WHISKERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!0830b


And look on the right (my left) – even MORE WHITE WHISKERS!!! I’m OLD!!!! I’ve always had black whiskers – that’s me – a beautiful solid black cat!! No more. I’m old, old, old. Woe is me!! Do you think if I ask mom she will pluck them out? Maybe they will grow back black! Does that mean my fur is going to turn white? It better not – if it does I will DEMAND mom dye my fur back to black!!  Go away now.  I’m too depressed to talk any more.0830a


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