Friendly Friday Fill-Ins!

It’s time for Friendly Friday Fill-Ins! I love answering questions – because I have an opinion about everything!
1. My favorite way to exercise is  stretching my mouth as wide as I can get it to show off my teeth!0902 b
2. Something I learned last week was I look GOOD!!!!0902 c
3. I am sentimental about my kittenhood.0902 d
4. Some people might find it surprising to know I do occasionally wear clothes.
0902 e  
See you tomorrow for Caturday Art!!!
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21 thoughts on “Friendly Friday Fill-Ins!

  1. Thank you for those great answers Toby. You just learned that you look great? We all think you are most handsome- especially Penny. Great photo of you with your Mom and I love the one of you in your sweater. You are a stylish guy. Have a nice weekend, you get an extra day with your Mom.XO

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  2. Your cats are great! I have nominated you as a recipient of the Liebster Award! You can find the post and directions for following up on my blog should you choose to do so.


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