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BobbieSue reporting for WTWC news!!

On August 31, the Virginian-Pilot (our local newspaper) reported the following two stories:

“Your dog really does know what you’re saying, and a brain scan shows how”

The experiment took place at Eötvös Loránd University in Budapest where 13 family dogs, mostly golden retrievers and border collies, were trained to sit perfectly still inside an MRI scanner. The dogs listened to a female trainer familiar to the dogs who spoke words of praise that their owners used as well as neutral words which the researchers believed were meaningless to the animals. Each dog heard each word in both a neutral tone and a happy, good-dog tone.scan0001-2

The scans showed that dogs not only understand praise words and but intonation as well. “So dogs not only tell apart what we say and how we say it, but they can also combine the two, for a correct interpretation of what those words really meant,” one of the researchers said. However, a neuroscientist from Emory University cautioned relying on such a small sample.


The dogs weren’t restrained in any way – they were free to leave the scanner if they wanted.

But we don’t care if the sample was small – it only shows what animals have always known – we are way smarter and cleverer than those pesky bipeds give us credit for!!


Also in the same paper, another story:

“Two turkeys. One hospital in Suffolk. A lot of laughs.”

scan0003From the Sentara Belle Harbour Emergency Department in Suffolk, Virginia (a nearby city to us) – comes the story of two wild turkeys that are visiting the ER everyday  – trying to get in!!! Since they don’t know the code to the ER ambulance doors, they’ve been stuck outside. Maybe they’re worried about getting too fat in time for Thanksgiving!!


reporter-bobbiesue-smallSorry no cat stories today – maybe next time!!  This is BobbieSue reporting for WTWC News!! See you next time!!

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